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A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.



William Shakespeare


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Economic Crisis Matters – Cartoons

Please watch these two videos on the Credit Crunch of 2008 and the European Crisis that took place after that. After watching both of them, please discuss in groups: – How did you find them? Did you enjoy them? – What did you learn that you didn’t previously know? – Is the language easy or do you find it too specific? – Do you agree with the second one, from the perspective of the United States (and a video which is heavy on the opinion side and dry on the...

Mock Examination Listening

Please listen to the mock exam and answer your questions on a sheet of paper.   Mock Exam Listening Part 1 You will hear four voice mail messages. Which answer fits best: a, b or c? You will hear each message once. Mark your answers for items 1–4 on your answer sheet. 1 Laura wants Paul to a organise a meeting. b pass on know-how to new co-workers. c set up a schedule for her department. 2 You need to a get all the spare parts ready for the engineer. b inform the machinist not to leave work yet. c pick up the engineer from the airport. 3 Marjena is considering a becoming a supplier. b sending in some samples. c starting a business relationship. 4 The caller a asks you to provide presentation equipment. b has double-booked the conference room. c wants to postpone the meeting to Monday. Part 2 You will hear five conversations. For each conversation there are two tasks. First, decide if the statement is true or false. Then, decide which answer fits best: a, b or c. You will hear each conversation once. Mark your answers for items 5–14 on your answer sheet. 5 Jenny and Roger don’t know each other very well. true / false 6 Roger tells Jenny a that he didn’t sleep very well last night. b to call him at home. c to get some papers from Mr Johnson 7 Vera Albea needs a new supplier. true / false 8 Next week Vera will be a going on holiday. b meeting John. c opening new offices. 9 Bob...

Jamie Oliver – The Food Revolution and Insurance

  Dear all, Please watch this video (without subtitles!) and, afterwards, try and link it to all you know about insurances. Write 200 words at least and try to cover as many different sides of the insurance world as you can. Think on the lines of: – how obese people (or people at risk) may be affected by medical insurance in the future (prices, conditions), – how insurances work differently in different countries (for instance the United States or The Netherlands), – is it fair that people at risk pay more? – etc. Please be as creative as you want and do not be afraid to voice your opinion.    ...